2014 – A Year Behind the Wheel and Behind the Lens

At the end of the year, it’s a good time to look back and take stock of how you did. For me and this site, it means looking at several things – race results, media exposure, our most popular posts, and my favorite pictures of the year.

Before that though, I have a extend a huge thanks to our sponsors for this year, without them we couldn’t do what we do!


Hanchey Vehicle Technologies provided us with shock tuning services and stepped up with some additional support when we broke our rear shocks in June! These guys are pros and highly recommended by us.


We connected through Hookit.com with Lucas Oil in 2014 and have been extremely pleased with their products. With everything from engine oil to gun oil, they’ve got a product for your high performance need! We look forward to continuing our partnership through 2015 with them!


Another connection we made through Hookit.com was with Replay XD, provider of top-of-the-line action cameras. Through our partnership with Replay XD, we were the most viewed of Speedhunter’s #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER videos, amassing more than 9,000 views with our featured video : A Camaro Built to Corner!

As always, we’re looking for new sponsorship opportunities for the new year. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in being a partner!

Race Results, shall we? Click through to see more!

Regional Events (Houston SCCA, TAMSCC, Spokes):
Houston Regional #1 – 1 Todd / 2 Stroh, 1st and 3rd in PAX
TAMSCC Spring Event #1 – 1 Todd / 2 Stroh in class and PAX
Spokes San Marcos Airport – 1 Todd / 11 Stroh in Pro, 1 / 31 in PAX
080314 (74)
Houston Regional #8 – 1 Todd / 3 Stroh in Class (X-Class) & PAX

National Events:
Dixie Tour – 1 Todd / 2 Stroh
Sunbelt Tour – 2 Todd /7 Stroh
Nationals – 6 Todd / 11 Stroh (Car Broke on Day 1)

Overall our results weren’t what we wanted, after being hampered by the car breaking in June, we hit a highlight before Nationals and went in with high hopes. Unfortunately the hub breaking on us at Nationals put us with disappointing results.

Despite our challenging year, we’ve got big plans for 2015 which have already kicked off, stay tuned for more!

Onto some stats! 2014 was a huge year for us and the best year to date in visitors to this site! We had over 5,300 unique visitors and over 11,690 post views!

Our most popular page is actually an older one: Classic Mustang Fuel Injection

Second was a feature on Jeff Minor’s Malibu CP Car.

Third on the list is our stat page on the CP Camaro.

In 2015 we’ll be focusing on bringing you guys more tech posts and most feature posts since that seems to be something you’re interested in!

As for my favorite pictures, follow along!


From the Dixie National Tour


Yes, you can run a LeMon’s car in CP like Jim Kritzler did at the Sunbelt Tour!


Kurt Janish and many others honored Tommy Saunders, a member of the Solo community who passed away in 2014 by proudly displaying 99s in his favorite color.


2014 marked a year when I started driving the ’67 a lot more.


It even got functional air conditioning for the first time since I’d owned it, enabling me to do some road trips in it!

2014sumprac2 (8)

Practice helps.

080314 (8)

And I got a little better at capturing motion…


I played a little with animated gifs, with Mark Madarash providing a perfect opportunity for it!


The result of a pro’s work.

That about wraps up our year in review. I look forward to sharing our experiences, highs and lows with you going into 2015!

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