Cambered Axle – Part 2

A little while ago I left you hanging with the Cambered Axle in our car not quite finished up yet. We’ve made a lot of progress since then!


The rebuilt axle is in!


Over the holidays, Todd finished up the wheel tubs which came out quite nicely for our first try.


I got a pair of rear caliper brackets laser cut. Unfortunately a mix up between my buddy and I with file versions resulted in a bracket without my fancy lightening holes… Oh well, being aluminum weight isn’t a big problem and it’s 1/2″ thick, so flex won’t be an issue either!


Clearance is tight with the rotor! And yes, we did cut off the bolts so they don’t stick out like that!


The brackets worked out really well and put the calipers on the front side of the axle which we needed to clear the coilovers.


To work with the radials, we had to add more front camber in. This is more than we’ll run, but the tuck into the fenders is kind of cool to see!


Another little project we are getting close to wrapping up is our remote shifter install. This worked pretty well, but there was too much friction at the front end. I designed a new clevis piece with bronze bushings that worked out really well. More information on this in a follow-up!

We’re about a week away from our first event of the year. Check back next week for an update!

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