Houston Regional #1 of 2014

Damn it was cold, but we had a successful outing anyways! After Nationals we took a bit of a break, but over the past few weeks made some key changes to the car which we hope will pay off with some more tuning. Don’t have too many photos to share at this time, but we’ve been playing with rear suspension geometry, got our shocks re-valved, and got the carburetor rebuilt. This event was our first try at seeing how things worked out.

The good news is nothing broke and it appears that we got some of our power back with the carb rebuild. The downsides are that we still have some of the low-RPM stumble that plagued us at Nationals.

With the rear suspension changes we think we can soften the rear suspension up and get a bit better bite. One step to doing that was playing with our camera setup, so in both videos below you’ll get to see our 3rd link in action!

Anyways, as far as the event goes we got some good runs in, though embarrassingly the car ran out of gas on my final run so I didn’t get 4 official times (had 1 re-run on my 3rd) and ended up 3rd overall. Todd put in a killer 4th run and nabbed 2nd spot overall behind Daniel McCelvey in Kritzler’s BSP Corvette. Results are here:

My best run (was a re-run, but data shows to be ~1/2 faster than my official 3rd run)

Todd’s best run.

We’ll be putting in some more time running at A&M later this month hopefully. Stay tuned for updates!

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