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FOR SALE:  Ford Mustang built for CP racing, but adaptable to many other types of racing if desired!  This is a competitive package that in the right hands will be a contender in the class.

Price: $8500 OBO

Bartling Coupe

Bartling Coupe and Hatch


– 1988 Ford Mustang Coupe

– Built in 2004

– Car weighs 2750 lbs with 50 lbs of ballast

– Relocated radiator to trunk for weight distribution

– Unibody seams welded, Roll Cage, Two Race Seats w/ 5 Point Harnesses

– Reinforced Subframes with Subframe Connectors

Front Suspension:

– Modified Macpherson Strut Front Suspension

– Selection of Sway bars.

– Koni Double Adjustable Struts.

– 2004 GT Spindles and Dual Piston Calipers

– 16 X 12 Wheels


– Short Block – Production Block, Custom Balanced Iron Crank, Forged Rods and Pistons

-110 Octane Fuel Required

– Cylinder Heads – Edlebrock 185cc CNC w/ Stabilized Adjustable Valve Train

– Intake – Custom EFI

– Cam – Ford Hydraulic Roller w/ Fast Bleed Lifters

– Ford ECU with Tweecer and MSD Ignition

– Engine estimated power is 500HP/450FT-LB 7000 RPM.


-Modified Ford T5 w/ Quartemaster VDrive 5.5” Clutch

-Hydraulic Throwout

-Custom Driveshaft

Rear Suspension and Axle:

– 4-link rear suspension w/ torque arm.

– Double Adjustable Koni shocks

– GlobalWest Control Arms

– Differential – Custom Packed Ford Trac-Loc

– Gear Ratio – 4.10:1

– 16 X 12 Wheels


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