Oversteer Garage is the collaboration of Jeff Stroh and Todd Farris. Since 2005, we have been racing and competing at the top of the field in the SCCA’s C-Prepared class.


Jeff Stroh
Occupation : Project Engineer for McDermott Engineering
B.S.M.E from Texas A&M
6-Time SCCA Nationals Trophy Winner since 2005
Formula SAE Competitor in 2003-2005


Todd Farris
Occupation : Outside Sales Manager for NAPA
2011 SCCA National Champion
4- Time Southwest Division Champion
12-Time SCCA Nationals Trophy Winner since 1994

Between our technical know-how with on-site data analysis and pre-event preparation we are one of the top teams competing today.


Our car has been developed with the use of engineering tools such as Alibre Design and Performance Trends Suspension Analyzer.


This technical know-how, coupled with our abilities behind the wheel have lead to numerous championships and trophy wins. While many racers are simply looking for a free parts, we are looking for a mutually beneficial partnership with companies to ensure that sponsorship is a win-win for both parties.

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail us as oversteergarage@outlook.com.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I am really wanting to get into racing in my 79 camaro. I have raced dirt bikes for years, and am looking to check out cars. It is just a hobby though, however I am really wanting to know how hard it is to do the fender flares.

    • Matt,

      The flares aren’t too bad, but you’ll need to be comfortable with fiberglass. Our car has a one-piece fiberglass front end which had flares molded into it. Since everything was fiberglass this isn’t terrible, but doesn’t take some body work skills. The back isn’t done all that great to be honest. The steel quarter was cut and the fiberglass flare was riveted into place. To do this really well and make it look right takes a lot of time and money! Some cars do it all steel and it looks a lot better. Just depends on what your plan for the car is!

      Good luck!

  2. Well thank you for your feedback! Right now I am looking to do a possible street/Weekend Racer with it. At the same time I have found that I am very limited on time to put into it as I would have liked when I got it. I was inspired by your videos and pictures to look further more into my car. I noticed I have some “pretty bad” rust on the back underneath the bumper. The frame itself seems to be good and strong. I am wondering if I should just start over or if I am completely looking at the entire project itself wrong.

    • Don’t be discouraged. If you’re already got some work in the car, fixing is certainly easier than scrapping it and moving onto another chassis! Let us know if you need advice on anything.

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