Spokes Autocross #1 -San Marcos Airport

Seat time, seat time, and more seat time is what we have been needing so we loaded up the Camaro and made the trip over to San Marcos to run with Spokes. Top priority was to test out some new tweaks on the car and just drive the thing!


We played a little more with the rear suspensions geometry and also swapped in another set of accelerator pump cams on the carburetor. Both changes seemed to really work well and with a couple of shock tweaks throughout the day we ended up in a really good spot.

Todd had a killer final run and PAXed on top of everyone, or as our buddy Troy says “won the whole autocross”! I coned away my best run and ended up pretty far down the charts.


The data unfortunately doesn’t lie. The big sweeper was the determining factor and Todd nailed it.

This weekend is another TAMSCC event, so look for more updates soon!

2 thoughts on “Spokes Autocross #1 -San Marcos Airport

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