TAMSCC Spring AX #1 – 2014

Race season is kicking in with 2 events in the first month of the year! Event number two for January was a low-key event with the TAMSCC at Riverside Annex. Held on the day following the club’s novice driver class, it usually has a big draw of new people and this event was no different. My Dad made the trip up to College Station with me and took his turn in my 2012 Mustang, putting in some good runs and improving each time.

As far as the Camaro goes, we made some further progress on the handling setup, dropping rear spring rates and tweaking shock settings as the day went on which improved the handling a bit. We still are struggling with the carb which you can hear in the below videos… Our carb guy recommended jetting up the carb, believing we were lean, but it didn’t resolve the issue. We’re going to try to get the car on a dyno here in the near future and see what else can be sorted out…


We also got our first shipment of Lucas Oil products and put in our first fill of their Semi-Synthetic racing oil. Normally we run a full-synthetic, but Lucas offered the weight we needed as a semi only. Will keep you posted throughout the year as we use their products and how we like them!

Todd and I had a close battle for 1-2 in the PAX with Todd taking the win by ~3 tenths over me. Looking at the data it was basically a small slide I had in the middle of the course. Oh well!

I also started playing with my new camera, a ReplayXD 1080 which so far I’m extremely pleased with. It’s really small and has a great picture. I’ll post more of a review in the future, but in the meantime, check out this helmet cam video below!

We are skipping the next Houston event and are planning on an event with Spokes in early February. Stay tuned for more updates!

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