Garage Sale

Here are a couple of the parts we’re no longer using that we need to get rid of! Please use the contact form below if you are interested!


Set of 4 Duralite Wheels, 2 pictured. 16″x12″ with 5″x5″ bolt pattern and 5.5″ of backspacing. Asking $100 / wheel. Please note that one wheel is slightly wider (about 12.5″) due to a rim halve being made incorrectly. Legal under the new CP rules!


Spring plates from 1967 Mustang, holes slotted to accommodate 9″ axle (3″ axle tubes). $20.


Factory Manual Transmission Pedal Cluster and brackets for Dual Master Cylinders with remote adjuster for 2nd Generation Camaro or Firebird. Asking $100, willing to separate!

All prices of course don’t include shipping!

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