Garage Sale

New things are afoot! Motor is out and will be swapping to a MS3-EVO fuel injection setup soon. That means parts are for sale!
Engine: (Long Block: $2,000. Engine + Intake: $2500. Engine + Fuel Injection: $3,000)
DSS Racing Bullet 306, forged pistons
Fluidampr harmonic balancer
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Track Heat heads, shaved to ~10:1 compression
Ford Racing 1.6 Roller Rockers with Stud Girdle
Lunati Roller Cam #51017, Ford roller lifters
Canton Racing 7QT front sump oil pan, with windage tray
Engine has about 25,000 miles on it. Will need bearings. The engine was running great (NO NOISE), but hot oil pressure was less than I felt safe. Found some scoring on Main Bearing #1. Have no pulled any of the others or rod caps. No bearing material or metal shavings in the pan. Should be able to slap in some new bearings and go.

Rear-Wheel Dyno Results (carburated with 650cfm Edelbrock carb and Performer RPM intake):

Additional Parts:
Set of V-belt pulleys – $200
Factory A/C compressor mount and tensioner – $100
GM One-Wire Alternator – $50
50oz Flywheel – $50
Fuel Injection Setup: $1000
Intake: Edelbrock Victor EFI
Fuel Injectors: Ford Motorsport 30lb/hr
Throttle Body: BBK 70mm
MAS Air Meter: Pro-M 76mm meter calibrated for 30lb/hr injectors
Ignition: MSD 6A box and HVC Coil
ECU & Wiring: 91 Mustang Harness with A9P ECU. Ready to bolt in for a Classic Mustang!

Hedmann Street Headers 1 5/8″, Ceramic Coated – $300

Magnaflow Header-Back Exhaust. 2.5″, X Pipe, Stainless Steel – $350

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