Dyno Results!

More to come!  Working out a few idle-air control related issues and hope to have some driving video and details soon.

Thanks Horsepower Research!

Balancing Throttles and Filters – #ITBLife

Spend any time looking into individual throttle bodies or individual Weber carburetors and you’ll inevitably find horror stories of being unable to balance idle and poor driveability.

A lot of these issues can be resolved through proper setup of the throttles themselves and others resolved through tuning.

On Black Friday in 2018 I bought an intake Speedmaster79 which is basically a clone of a Borla/TWM stack injection setup, the same as my Dad has on his Daytona Coupe.  An important part of this is the vacuum plenum which connects the individual runners together so the MAP sensor gets a good reading and the IAC works correctly.  You can see the plenum in the below picture.


You also might notice in this picture that there’s no connection between the runners and the plenum…  (more…)

The fun begins…

Heart Transplant – The ITB 363

If any of you are following me on Instagram and Facebook, a lot of the below is going to be repeat, but I figured I’d capture it all in one spot.

This spring, with hot idle oil pressure sub 20psi and peak pressure barely hitting 50psi, I knew my DSS 306 had incurred some main bearing damage.  Different oil pumps (volume, pressure, etc) hadn’t prolonged the life and I was worried about going too far before it popped.  Since it was still running fine, just had low pressure, made the call to pull it.

old306 (2)

Thanks to help from my Dad, the removal was pretty easy.  In the meantime, though I knew the fix wouldn’t be too difficult, other plans were hatching… (more…)

Monterey Historics 2019 – 1960s American Cars

Earlier this year, my Dad and I made the trip out to Monterey for the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at WeatherTech Speedway (Laguna Seca). This was a bucket list trip for the both of us and it was really special to use the event to celebrate my birthday as well as an early 70th birthday for my Dad.

I took tons of photos the whole week, but I wanted to start off sharing those related to some of the classic 1960s American cars that we saw during the week with a particular focus on the Trans Am racers.

I’ll get to the photos in a minute, but also wanted to share this video walking through the pits:

This was just sliver of the awesomeness that we saw. (more…)

Big Tires = BigFun

In December of 2017, had a big post covering some work that I was doing to my ’67 Mustang.  Fast forward a little more than a year later and a lots happened since then!

That post covered MOD1 front suspension updates from Mike Maier Inc and Wilwood 140-10220 6 Piston Brake Kit install which highlighted new wheels I was working on installing.


At the time, I wasn’t able to get the wheels to fit the way I wanted, even with spacers as the front wheels could only tuck in so far due to upper ball joint positioning that I had a mismatch of about 1.5″ per side between the front and rear of the car, a little silly looking to say the least!  Click through for more. (more…)

Extracting and Comparing Autocross Runs from GoPro Hero data

By now you’ve surely seen the data overlays that GoPro cameras Hero5 Black and later can do.  If not, here’s a refresher from my most recent autocross!  (Separate story to come on that soon).

This is great, but GoPro’s software doesn’t let you extract or do anything with the data afterwords.  After a little digging, it appears there’s a lot of people who’ve been able to extract the data from these files and do some clever things with it.  The extracter I’ve found and done some playing with is this one:  GPMD2CSV

With this extractor, am able to get .csv, .gpx,  .kml, and .json data out.  Now, how to visualize it?  Click over for more. (more…)

CP Camaro For Sale!

After 13 years of racing success and fun, Todd and I have decided it’s time to pursue some new automotive projects and have decided to put our CP Camaro up for sale.  Details are available on the Spec Page and Cars for Sale page.

This is a fantastic car which is a past National Champion and competitive every year!

FOR SALE:  1979 Chevrolet Camaro, built for SCCA C-Prepared autocross competition.  This car is a National Championship car and consistent top 5 contender nationally.  Available as a complete package, rolling chassis, or chassis without shocks, engine separate (wet sump) we’re willing to work with you.

Car currently has all brand-new fiberglass nose and doors; however front fenders are un-flared now and don’t have the splitter mounted.  Pictures below show what it could look like for you!

Included extra set of Real Racing wheels.

Car is located in Bryan, TX.

PRICE:  $25,000 complete, options related to breaking the package apart are negotiable.

2015 CP Camaro Front Quarter


Something new is coming

Been a long time and I’m way behind on posting any activity.  Life, job, those types of things have gotten in the way of racing and playing with the Camaro, but behind the scenes some things are in progress on my ’67 Mustang that I wanted to share.


In college, I got my autocrossing start in the ’67.  It was a pretty entertaining ride and for years the suspension setup didn’t change until last winter when I upgraded to the Mike Maier Inc. rear panhard bar, shocks, and rear sway bar.  Since last fall, I’ve driven the car a fair bit, upgraded the front brakes to a Wilwood 12.88″ rotor with 6 piston caliper (note, these are for a 1970 spindle, not a normal ’67!), and also tried out a stiffer set of front springs. (more…)

2017 College Station National Tour

Well, after having an engine failure in the Camaro, we still don’t have the engine back yet (surprise surprise), so we had to find alternate rides for the College Station National Tour.  Luckily, Jeff Minor offered up a seat in his ’78 Malibu to me!  We didn’t set the world on fire with the results with both of us hitting lots of cones and both having a spin to our names, but we had a hell of a lot of fun!  Day 1 had a challenging setup with little rear gear and a tail-happy demeanor due to too stiff rear springs.  A 3rd link adjustment and 25# softer springs and we were in business for Day 2.  Also played around the with new GoPros and got to a really good camera setup for Day 2 with the Hero5 Black on the roof and the Hero5 Session mounted upside down to the main roll cage hoop.

Looking forward to getting the engine back and the Camaro put together, but in the meantime enjoy the videos!