Little Changes, Big Effect

We haven’t often come back from a test weekend so happy with how the car performed, but this weekend was nothing short of a success!

2014sumprac2 (8)

Going into the weekend we had some simple goals… 1. Make sure the car doesn’t break again. 2. Get some seat time and get used to the new rear shocks! Did we succeed? Yes, and more!


If you’ll recall, last month we broke the car doing some testing. After a lot of hard work by Todd, the car was back in action with a reinforced 3rd link mount, PLUS some shiny new JRI shocks thanks to the guys at Hanchey Vehicle Technologies!


Brian and his team absolutely nailed the valving on these shocks right out of the box, matching up very close to the ASTs which we’d gotten from them before. We couldn’t be happier!

2014sumprac2 (21)

Saturday started well. We started off on our old tires and made some laps just to get a feel for if things would stay together and see if the shock valving was right for us. Tony Espinosa and Zack Barnes were out running Tony’s beast of a Mustang and Sweaty Jeff was there playing with his famous Malibu which we featured a little while ago.

2014sumprac2 (6)

We got the car nicely balanced and then swapped on a sticker set of Goodyears to scrub in for Sunday.

2014sumprac2 (20)

Testing went well on Saturday, but the real fun was Sunday when we had 3 CP cars out tearing up the course. Sweaty had to make the trip home, but 2 more cars showed up to play. Wayne & Chris showed up in their 3rd Gen Camaro as did Alan, Donna, and Jackson Bartling in their hatchback Mustang. We didn’t do a lot of time comparisons, but it was a blast to see everyone out racing again.

2014sumprac2 (19)

We put down a few good runs on the scrubbed tires and decided to try out a completely different front bar setup. When we redid the rear suspension, I bought a bar with a wide range of adjustment so that we could experiment with different chassis frequencies to see how the car worked. I had been worried that the “knife edge” feel that the car had was a result of us stiffening the suspension too much, so the new rear bar, coupled with a smaller front bar was what I had cooked up. Did it work? Oh yeah! The car instantly became more controllable and a lot more predictable to drive.

We took some runs on the practice course to try it out and man it was good.

After the serious part was done, we had fun drifting it around on the old tires, something we’d never have considered with the old setup!

We’ve got a short week of rest and then it’s off to the Houston Police Academy for another event!

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