CP Camaro For Sale!

After 13 years of racing success and fun, Todd and I have decided it’s time to pursue some new automotive projects and have decided to put our CP Camaro up for sale.  Details are available on the Spec Page and Cars for Sale page.

This is a fantastic car which is a past National Champion and competitive every year!

FOR SALE:  1979 Chevrolet Camaro, built for SCCA C-Prepared autocross competition.  This car is a National Championship car and consistent top 5 contender nationally.  Available as a complete package, rolling chassis, or chassis without shocks, engine separate (wet sump) we’re willing to work with you.

Car currently has all brand-new fiberglass nose and doors; however front fenders are un-flared now and don’t have the splitter mounted.  Pictures below show what it could look like for you!

Included extra set of Real Racing wheels.

Car is located in Bryan, TX.

PRICE:  $25,000 complete, options related to breaking the package apart are negotiable.

2015 CP Camaro Front Quarter


3 thoughts on “CP Camaro For Sale!

  1. I Drove that Camaro one Nationals when Dan and Lorraine had it….best finish I’ve ever had at Nationals. Only had two runs 2nd day as coil wire end burned and had a mechanical. Even with two runs had 4th fastest time on the then North Course. Dan laughingly told me my eyes were wide and my body Adrenalin soaked. Never had driven anything that fast and enhanced handling. “I was going to throw a net over you and tie you down!” Dan told me later as I had a thrill driving that car while my Camaro was at home half way built.

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