Extracting and Comparing Autocross Runs from GoPro Hero data

By now you’ve surely seen the data overlays that GoPro cameras Hero5 Black and later can do.  If not, here’s a refresher from my most recent autocross!  (Separate story to come on that soon).

This is great, but GoPro’s software doesn’t let you extract or do anything with the data afterwords.  After a little digging, it appears there’s a lot of people who’ve been able to extract the data from these files and do some clever things with it.  The extracter I’ve found and done some playing with is this one:  GPMD2CSV

With this extractor, am able to get .csv, .gpx,  .kml, and .json data out.  Now, how to visualize it?  Click over for more.

One option is the DJI SRT Flight Viewer, which takes in the. gpx file and plays it like an animation.

djisrt viewer

This is cool, but still doesn’t provide everything I was looking for.  In particular, it was missing the ability to overlay my runs.  Digging a little deeper, found another web tool call MyGPSFiles.


Here, you’ve got some overlay capability as well as the ability to compare a speed plot.  The .gpx file doesn’t have accelerometer data, so unfortunately that’s not here, but most of my comparison I do via speed anyways.

I’ll be doing some more digging.  It’s not run to run comparison like I might get with SoloStorm, but these solutions are also free!

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