Cold and Rainy Shakedown

February is shaping up to be a frustrating month! The first two TAMSCC events were forecast for rain so we didn’t really get the car ready in time and the weather was perfect. Then, we make the trip to Austin to run with Spokes at COTA and it rains!


You’d think that after doing this for almost 15 years I’d learn to dress a little better for 50 degrees and rain…


Todd even washed the car for the event! It didn’t matter though with the muck. Not that our lack of flares or a rear window were going to help in the looks department… We didn’t run the data logger at the event due to the rain, but I did try out a new mount for the ReplayXD.

replayxdmount door

Using a Go-Pro suction cup and a 3D printed adapter, it worked out pretty well!

cotaautocross cp camaro

The course was short but fun. The rain made throttle control a major factor!

One of the goals was to put the camera on the rear tire and see how much the sidewall deflects. We’ve currently got spacers on the rear axle as we thought the tire would deflect and rub on the trailing arms. From the video though, the sidewalls hardly move at all (the door was flexing a lot which causes some of the motion in the video) so we’re hoping we can remove the spacers! The above isn’t all a single continuous run, but sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day we ended up in 12th and 15th positions for Todd and I respectively in the X-Class. Not really the result we were hoping for, but the car worked pretty well and nothing broke, so we’re going to call this one a success!

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