Daytona Coupe Nose Job

One project which I haven’t featured much recently is my Dad’s Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. He’s been making steady progress on it and a few weeks ago I came by and assisted with a few projects that required an extra hand.


It took a bit of work, but we finally got it mounted in a rough state!


The whole hood tips forward on these sliding brackets which use rod ends for adjustment. Nothing in a kit car is ever “bolt-on”. As my Dad likes to say, everything “almost fits”. In this case, even though these pieces all fit fine, some adjustment will be needed.


As you can see, the mounts have the hood misaligned front to back. We could get one side to line up, but then the other would be off by 3/8″. Likely what we’ll have to do is break the gussets at the front hood mounts, bend them outward to get the hood aligned and then re-weld. Not horrible, but annoying.


The second project was hoisting the differential into place for mockup and driveline angle measurements. This is a Ford aluminum 8.8 IRS chunk. You’d think being aluminum it’d be light, but you’d be wrong! Monkeying this thing into place was not fun, but was a necessary step to getting some critical measurements and parts ordered.


My Uncle sent my Dad some garage decor. Fitting don’t you think?


No work to see here, but just a cool part to share. This is a variable fan speed controller. Rather than running the cooling fans at a fixed speed, it’ll let you ramp them up or down as the need dictates. Pretty cool!

It was a short workday, but got a lot done. Can’t wait to get this thing on the road!

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