Day 1 of Racing in CP

Been a long day, but here’s a short summary of the racing action.

Got the car shined up and in grid for 2nd Heat. We watched FS, but a report on that will have to wait. Click through for some video.

CP saw a lot of good racing, but a lot of cones too. At the end of the day it was Mike Maier clear in the lead over Todd Farris, followed up by Brian Hobaugh and then Jeff Stroh. Robert Lewis, Darrel Padberg, Frank Stagnaro, Ethan Bradbury, Tom Shuman, and Kurt Janish rounded out the top 10.

My best run from Day 1. After run reviews of the data showed a few surprises, but Todd soundly beat me through most of the course.

Todd’s best run from Day 1. Looking at the data, this run could have been a half second faster except for the bobble at the end.

Tomorrow’s a new day and it’s onto the West Course!

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