Mustang Power Door Locks

A long planned mod finally got done on the Mustang.  There aren’t many guides on how to put power door lock actuators into a Classic Mustang so I figured I’d post some tips!

This install uses Spal Actuators.  This is the kit used:  LINK.  You can probably do this with many other actuators (maybe some factory Ford ones too).

Space is pretty limited inside the door.  After trying a number of different positions, I settled on one very similar to Fox door lock actuators and fabricated a sheet steel bracket.  It proved plenty sturdy in service and was basically free.  Two body nuts make install easy.

Bracket by itself.  Ended up going with only 1 nut for the other side as it was sturdy enough.

The complete assembly.

Installed into the door!

Works great.  Take care when positioning as the window shares some of this space.  You can tweak the bracket slightly if you need to adjust.  The actuators have lots of travel, so alignment doesn’t have to be perfect.

All in all, great addition.  Keyless entry is so nice on new cars, no reason not to have it on your classic!

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