Work in Progress – “cold air”

Did a little work on the Mustang today. One of the persistent problems I’ve had since the fuel injection swap is an erratic idle at times. One of the common culprits to this (but by no means the only one) is turbulence due to fan wash. Since I’ve got a pretty high powered fan and an open element air cleaner, figured be a good idea to shield the filter some.

Couple pictures of a rough version cut from some galvanized sheet steel. By no means a finished product, it achieves the goal nicely I think!

2 thoughts on “Work in Progress – “cold air”

  1. Nice! I think I asked you this before, but just in case this doesn’t help the idle…. Have you considered the Idle Air Controller? I’ve heard this is a not-so-uncommon problem with earlier Ford EFI systems not idling well… Not “user serviceable” per the Factory, but you apparently can take it apart and clean it…. Worth a try if fan wash turns out not to be the problem.

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