2016 College Station National Tour

After our issue with the Camaro, the Tour in College Station was looking a little grim, but thanks to good friends both Todd and I were able to pick up borrowed rides.


Tony Espinosa was kind enough to let me run his 1986 Ford Mustang with him in CP.  Tony’s car is one we’ve done a bit of work on in the past, having installed an adjustable rear sway bar on it and recently a new rear axle, not to mention lots of other little jobs that Todd has done over the years.  This event was a big test for the new axle upgrade as well as the new adjustable pedal cluster that Todd put in for Tony.  Both worked really well!

I didn’t have super high expectations coming into the event having only run 2 previous events in the year.  Such is life of a new father and a car that had some extended work being done to it!  Day 1 was largely knocking the rust off and getting used to a car that’s setup a bit different that ours.

Tony’s car drives a bit different than our Camaro so it took a bit of getting used to.  I managed to pick up a fair bit of speed on Day 2.  Day 1 wasn’t pretty due to my driving, but also discovering that our tire pressure gauge was off by almost 5 psi!

A little side by side comparison of Tony and I.


Day 2 we got the pressures set with a working gauge and tried to focus on our driving.  Unfortunately the laws of tire wear caught up to us and Day 2 was at the tail-end of the tire life so we weren’t able to catch up to the leaders.

My runs were a lot more controlled and I had a better handle on the car than Day 1.

A little side by side action for Day 2.  Tony and I both drove a lot better and it was a lot closer than Day 1.

At the  of the field, Mark Madarash, Chris Cargill, Wayne Atkins, and Kurt Janish all had an extremely competitive battle for the win.  Mark ended up on top, but he really had to work for it after Chris & Wayne were in a near dead tie after Day 1!

The Camaro motor is already at the machine shop getting fixed up for the rest of the season.  We’ll be back!



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