College Station National Tour… Or Not

Playing a little catch up here on progress.  With the College Station National Tour quickly approaching, we buttoned up the new exhaust work in the Camaro and ran the Houston SCCA event in May at Gulf Greyhound Park.

The site has a lot of variation in elevation and we ended up breaking teeth off the ring gear in the differential.  Fortunately it didn’t break worse and we were able to drive it onto the trailer.  Put together this side by side video.  Lots of knocking the rust off for both of us as neither of us drove all that great!

We didn’t finish all that great in PAX, but it was worth the seat time anyways and a lot of fun.


A few weeks later Todd was running a practice at Texas A&M and he heard the dreaded tick indicating engine damage coming into the finish.  Looks like 8 years of racing and no dry sump finally caught up to us with a spun bearing on #4.  While the engine made it to the engine builder early in the week it was too much of a thrash to get it together for the Tour.

Thanks to Tony Espinoza’s generosity I’ll be driving with him in his awesome CP Mustang!  I’ll have some video and a story up after the event!


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