Houston Regional #8


With Nationals fast approaching, we are trying to hit every event we can! While the Houston Police Academy isn’t our favorite site, we felt it was important to make the event so we could get some more seat time and so that we could make sure that our new flare didn’t rub. A bit of a back-story on the flares, I bought this pair, basically sight unseen from Showcars Body Parts out of Canada a few months back. They were the ONLY place I could find that had flares like this for a 2nd Gen Camaro. To be honest, I didn’t really know if they were going to work…


This is the picture that I bought them from! This photo album is basically his catalog, which was a little worrisome, but he did have a picture of Ron VerMulm’s CP Camaro in there, so I figured he must have supplied parts before… Anyways, when we got them we were a little worried about fitment, but they worked out ok after some massaging. Todd’s bodyman will be cutting them back and bonding them to the quarters soon so they look a little better!

Anyways, onto the event. We ran in the 4th heat with X-Class. The heat was absolutely oppressive. HPA is right next to the airport and rarely has a breeze. It must have been near 100 degrees and everyone was doing their best to hydrate and stay out of the sun. Some did better than others, myself included in that. I really cooked myself and only made 2 runs. Lesson learned!

My first run was my fastest of the 2, but I popped a cone. My 2nd run the heat wasn’t bothering me, but we had boiled the brakes and I couldn’t stop, no matter how furiously I pumped the pedal… Between the brakes overheating and the heat, I called it a day after this.

Todd stuck with it and we bled the brakes then went on a program of hosing down the calipers between runs. This worked well enough for 1 driver, but I think if we were both driving we’d have had big problems. Nonetheless, Todd’s 4th run was a screamer and he ended up with top PAX at the event!

We’ve got a practice event coming up soon and might be able to squeeze in another event before Nationals. Lots to do and not enough time, business as usual!

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