Movie Review – Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

You might have caught some posts on the various blogs and automotive news sites a few months ago about a documentary by Adam Carolla on the life of Paul Newman. Prior to a business trip to Mexico, I took a chance, bought the movie and sat down to give it a shot on the plane. I was absolutely hooked from the beginning! This film tells a great story about Paul Newman, covering all his years of racing and some of his life outside of racing. To do this, Carolla was able to pull in some great interviews with the likes of Robert Redford, Patrick Dempsey and others – guys who race and really love cars. These interviews are supplemented by great pictures and absolutely awesome vintage video. The sounds and in-car footage are just fantastic.

Any fan of Grand Prix, Winning, Le Mans, etc will love this. It’s a great tale of a guy who had to work hard to get fast and clearly loved cars and racing, right up till the end.

You can buy or rent the film on iTunes, Amazon, and

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