Two Steps Forward and a Whole Bunch Back…

A bit of a frustrating weekend. It started off well since Todd and Eric had finished bending up the rest of the tin. All I had to do was apply the insulation and rivet the panels in.


The panels were fit pretty good. This one is under the dash, but you still want to keep as much heat out of the cockpit as possible.


The insulation had an adhesive back and fit snug on the panels.


Despite the adhesive we put a few rivets in to make sure it didn’t fall onto the exhaust if the glue failed.


After finishing up the insulation the panels were put in. Most were riveted, but one panel was put in with nut-serts so it could be removed for getting the headers out.


After that we finished up putting the shifter in. The shifter handle was an ordeal… nothing out of the Hurst catalog fit, so we had to cut and weld together one to make it work. Not pretty, but it works!


The dash was next. Gauges and the switch panel went in. The wiring isn’t tied up here yet.


Another one in the win column was getting the swaybar arms drilled and the tabs welded to the control arms. We unfortunately didn’t bend the arms far enough and hence the attachment points weren’t as far out on the arms as we’d like, but they will work.

After this we fired the car up and tested out the power steering. That is when we noticed how much flex there was in the steering. The rack extensions we added flex way too much and unless we weld them to the rack it is game over. So… Plan B is an aftermarket rack. Got an Appleton rack on order. Hopefully next weekend we will finally be able to drive it!!

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