It’s the Details…

Time seems to be moving too fast and progress not nearly fast enough! Finished up another day of work on the Camaro and while progress is to be had, it’s slow moving.


The nose is back on for hopefully the final time! This took far longer than anticipated and getting it straight was a bit of a chose. Meanwhile, other little bits started coming together.


The dash got painted and is coming together nicely. The remote reservoirs for the brake and clutch master cylinders will be centrally mounted on the dash.


The throttle linkage got bent up and fitted into place.


I missed a picture of this brace that we fabbed up last week. Sorry for the blurry picture! This brace is actually very important! When the car is jacked up the friction difference in the sway bar is noticeable and this cures that. More stiffness in the chassis is good!


And finally the passenger side muffler area is getting finished up with some of Eric’s bent aluminum with thermal insulation on the inside. Hopefully this keeps people from getting burnt on it! The first event is planned for next weekend… It’s a long shot that we’ll make it, but fingers are crossed!

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