Mustang Photo Shoot

Merry Christmas to all! Now that holidays have come I can share a photo shoot that I did a few months back without spoiling a surprise since these photos ended up as part of a photobook for my father, Ken Stroh, who helped me build my ’67 Mustang into what it is today.


Early on an October morning I set out in my camera to try and capture the car in some interesting locales. Not that I have any inkling that I can approach the talent of the Speedhunters, StanceWorks, Petrolicious, or Depth of Speed guys I wanted to do something a little different.


The shop was quiet, soon to have one less car in it.


Slipping out the gate and over the railroad tracks.


Green light!


East of Downtown or “EaDo” is a developing area of Houston which is the new artsy area of town. It’s very much undeveloped at the moment and led exactly the industrial background that I wanted.


The area had lots of great places to shoot. I don’t know why brick buildings and cars look so great, but they do!


Running out of creativity I headed back to the shop and took some time to capture some details.


The Deluxe Interior that I recently had put together provided lots of details…


Coupled with a few modern touches, I’m extremely happy with how the interior is turning out!



Moderately flared fenders front and rear along with the “fake” vents lend some serious character to a classic like this!


Hood turn signals turned to hood vents…


With the many different Mustang option packages over the various years you have tons of choice in picking out details.


Back in the shop. Not the most successful of shoots, but it’s a learning process, isn’t it?

Black and White

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