HouSCCA – Regional #9 – RPR on Street Tires…

With the “off” season in full swing Todd and I elected to take a break from running the Camaro this weekend. We had the choice of TAMSCC’s event or the HouSCCA’s event at RPR. Since I decided to help with the Rookie School on Saturday and the weather was looking to be COLD on Sunday we threw in the towel on running the Camaro and I decided I’d just hop in the Mustang for a little back-to-basics racing.

One nice thing about running stock class is showing up a little later! I left about a half hour to 45 minutes later than usual. It was still early on the road though!

The event had pretty good attendance. Most of the 40 rookies from Saturday showed up to race again on Sunday. They were joined by some cars you don’t typically see at an Autocross… I didn’t get a chance to see the McLaren run, but I bet it was pretty cool.

On the walkthrough we stumbled across a dead body with an odd chalk outline… Wait, that’s Doug Willie! Did he fall down and couldn’t get back up?

I guess he did get up since he was able to make a few runs in his “lawn dart”!

It seemed like there were Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZs everywhere. I counted at least 4 and there were probably more. This seems like a lot of fun, though I’d quickly want more power!

100% stock… And yes, I know the “FS” letters don’t have the same slant – I blame Wade for that!

This was my 4th run, not my fastest (see lack of talent near the finish). Adjusting to street tires took some serious work! Driving on them more would probably do a lot to help me be smoother… Sorry about the wind noise. This was my little Sony Cybershot point and shoot which managed to take really good video, just didn’t capture much sound!

All in all it was a fun event. Next month is a double header in Houston. Don’t know what we’ll be driving at that one just yet!

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