Off Season…

There is no real “off” season in Texas. With the potential to race 12 months out of the year, twice a month it’s hard to slow down and work on the car.

Despite this, we’re decided it’s time to focus on some serious work on the Camaro for the 2013 Season. This means we’ll probably miss a few races in the near future, BUT next year will see some serious improvements in performance!

The competition was really tough in CP this year, seeing cars that were not only fully sorted out, but had some fantastic attention to detail. Brian Hobaugh’s Camaro is certainly a standpoint and put in an impressive performance.

His suspension is pretty trick. From blade style swaybars (like we have) to what appears to be a zero-scrub front suspension, the car was certainly fast.

Brian’s posted a detailed build thread over at He might even be giving away a few secrets, like the innovative thinking on the lower control arm execution here.

Certainly will need some fabrication skills to replicate what has been done here. Mike Maier and Frank Stagnaro had a hand in this suspension and I must say the work is very impressive.

Interestingly though some cars in the class were fast despite a compromised suspension setup. Robert Lewis’ Mustang has some of the shortest control arms I’ve seen on a car, not to mention an enormous scrub radius, but he still managed to go very fast. Robert’s not sitting still though, after seeing pictures with positive camber in the outside front tire in corners I think he has got some work ahead of him this winter.

Our car is between Robert’s and Brian’s. With basically stock 2nd Generation Camaro geometry, it’s not the worst out there, but it’s not the best either.

Next year though, things are looking good to perhaps pick up a little speed…

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