Monday – Prep, Course Walking, and Shenanigans

Monday is an off-day for everybody. That means car prep, getting through tech, and lots and lots of course walking. Of course, after all that is done, there’s usually more than a little bit of partying!

Every morning starts with breakfast tacos by Jackson Bar-b-cue! Jacob is Tye’s brother and for the past few years has made the trip to Nationals solely to cook for everyone from Texas. The highlight of the week has to be his brisket, but that’s later on!

Vitek was out early on the practice course. Clearly he was excited.

We rolled the Camaros out of the trailer so we could run through tech.

Tye was hopeful his new high-visibility numbers would satisfy the tech folks.

Tech was quiet when we slipped through early in the morning, but filled up later quickly.

It was overcast all day, so sorry for the photo quality. The Spokes Biergarten always has our colors flying.

About the only time the Biergarten is quiet is when Jacob’s feeding people. Our trailer forms the back of the U, with Tom Holt and Richard Windberg’s trailers on the sides. Movie night is planned for later this week!

Monday is fish fry night!

Most nights see the Big Wheel Pro Solo going down. Here Zack, Vivek, and Dr. Strelnieks debating the cone placement. This is serious business (accompanied by serious drinking!).

Action shot – Tom Holt on course! Pit bike / big wheel injuries are 1 / 1 for the week, both Nationals rookies… Nothing serious, but I think some lessons were learned!

Some of us avoided the carnage and focused on finishing up the last few tasks before racing. Earlier in the day I’d scrubbed and washed the wheels. Todd picked up the flitz wheel and went to work polishing them. 3 down, 5 more to go…

Not from Monday, but I missed posting this photo from the Pro Solo that concluded on Sunday. This is the Kiesel machine launching.

First day of racing is today. There’s rain in the forecast, but we’ll have to see how that plays out. Check back here for more on that!

As a reminder, you can keep up with the racing at SoloLive.

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