Houston Regional #8 – HPA

One hot day but got in some good runs at the Houston Police Academy! In the rush up to Nationals, every event counts, even if it’s a short course.

The Police Academy doesn’t give you a whole lot of course options, but this was a pretty good flowing course. It was short (our best runs were in the low 35 second range), but had some good slalom and sweeper practice. Also rewarded looking ahead, especially coming out of the big sweeper.

My best run, dirty unfortunately. Sorry about the in-car video flopping around, Loctite will be used for the next event!

Todd’s fastest run, though when you look at the data it shouldn’t have been! His miss on 2nd gear hurt, but he made up for it in the final couple of turns.

A little bit different look at the data. This is the map with the sector times shown at the right. An “F” next to the sector time means it was the fastest out of all the runs. I’ll run a little more analysis later and post it up. The comparison between Todd’s 2nd and 3rd runs is interesting!

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