TAMSCC Autocross Practice

Made a quick trip up to College Station today for some practice. Todd and I haven’t had a lot of seat time this summer, so getting out on the track and putting in some runs was sorely needed! I also had the Video4 setup for the first time with 2 cameras and also got the track map working so we were excited to try it out.

So it looks really cool except the camera cleared loosened up during the runs… and I accidently had “mirror” turned on for the inside camera, oops! Nonetheless it shows some great potential. We struggled with grip since we basically burned off the rear tires at the last Houston event. There was quite a bit of dirt out there as well which caused some front end grip issues.

I also had some fun in the new Mustang. This is just a cheap point and shoot mounted on the roof. Going from slicks to street tires was a bit of a challenge…

Got a few more events this summer so stay tuned in the run up to Nationals!

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