New Camera Mount

Been struggling for a while to find a better solution to mount the bullet cameras inside the Camaro for grabbing video out the windshield and of the driver. There are lots of different mounts on the market, but they either didn’t quite do what I wanted or were really expensive for what you got.

That means make it yourself. After a lengthy search of the options online, I figured out a rough direction to take. Target for the mount was under $30 each (wanted 2) and had to be sturdy. Here’s what I ultimately ended up with!

Two mounting options are shown here, one with the bullet camera and another with a small point and shoot. More details on how I made them follow.

The roll bar mount is simply a 1 3/4″ shaft collar that I got from McMaster Carr. They’re available in a variety of sizes and different materials. Since this was an experiment and I was being cheap, I simply bought them in black oxide steel, but if I do another set it’ll be aluminum. The camera mount is from Panavise. I hadn’t realized they were sold separately, but this mount project brought the availability to my attention.

These are pretty quality pieces. First up was drilling a hole in the shaft collar for a mounting screw.

I screwed them down to a wood block to keep them from rotating and set them up in the drill press.

A fresh drill bit helps as the holes were easy to drill. 1/4″ for the first pass, followed by a 7/16″ for the countersink.

Panavise provided the wrong mounting hardware in the kit.. The supplied screw (in black) is fine thread while the mount is coarse. Luckily Lowe’s had some 1/4-20 socket head screws in stock that fit perfectly.

Not bad at all! Looking forward to getting these mounted up in the Camaro. It also frees up the suction cup mount we had been using and might hook up my point and shoot for some HD video…

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