Houston Regional #6

Didn’t really take any pictures at this event, but had a lot of fun despite being a long and hot day!  Todd and I were 1 and 2 in PAX and FTD.  The course was pretty good for the Police Academy, though a little short.

Click through for the video!

Video from my 2nd run which was my best.

Todd’s 4th run. We struggled again with the Video4 and whether or not we were actually recording or not!

I did a little data analysis after the run in order to see where the differences were. Considering the course, I wasn’t expecting to find the differences that I did. I sent these slides to Todd pointing out where I was kicking his butt, sadly the sum of the differences wasn’t what I wanted!

I’ve got 2 new camera mounts coming which will hopefully improve our video, stay tuned for that!

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