Alcatraz – Bullitt Chase Remake!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a big Bullitt fan. It might be a little slow by today’s standards, but it’s still a great film and it has one of the best, if not the best, car chase ever filmed. If you’ve forgotten, or just need another excuse to watch the chase, click below!

Bullitt Chase on

When I heard the show Alcatraz on Fox was going to redo it “shot for shot” I was a little dubious. I mean, how can you replicate the awesomeness of the original? Truth is that you can’t, but they actually a pretty fair job of it!

Ford is a sponsor on the show and the heroine normally drives a certain Highland Green 1968 Fastback, but borrows this 2013 GT for this scene. You can catch show more information on the chase (and the show) at the link below. There’s no telling how long my video will be up before Fox censors it, so have a look while you can!

Source: <a href=""Alcatraz

One thought on “Alcatraz – Bullitt Chase Remake!

  1. Pretty well done! Mustang should have been green, and there is no axle-tramp one-wheel-peel in the overshoort-backup-in-a-hurry part where McQueen was ticked off for missing the corner(automotive engineering has advanced in the last 44 years), but I enjoyed it. Nice they put the multiple re-appearing VW bug in….. She is not as “cool” as Steve. I’ve never watched the show – is it worth watching?

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