2017 College Station National Tour

Well, after having an engine failure in the Camaro, we still don’t have the engine back yet (surprise surprise), so we had to find alternate rides for the College Station National Tour.  Luckily, Jeff Minor offered up a seat in his ’78 Malibu to me!  We didn’t set the world on fire with the results with both of us hitting lots of cones and both having a spin to our names, but we had a hell of a lot of fun!  Day 1 had a challenging setup with little rear gear and a tail-happy demeanor due to too stiff rear springs.  A 3rd link adjustment and 25# softer springs and we were in business for Day 2.  Also played around the with new GoPros and got to a really good camera setup for Day 2 with the Hero5 Black on the roof and the Hero5 Session mounted upside down to the main roll cage hoop.

Looking forward to getting the engine back and the Camaro put together, but in the meantime enjoy the videos!

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