Houston Regional #10

This last weekend Todd and I participated in one of the last events of the year before we take the car down for some winter development.  Houston SCCA had their event at the Houston Police Academy.  The course looked like a blast on the map, but a few corners turned out to be really tight which put us way down in the powerband.  Good news though is we ran some used rear slicks from Berget that were only $100 each and they worked great with a set of half-used fronts!  Something that’ll help the budget and get us some more seat time.

Todd put in a quick time after being stuck in the 50’s all day like I was.  He did a better job of using the whole road than I did with the last 3 corners making all the time difference between us!

I blew my 4th run entering the optional slalom so I had to settle with this one.  I wasn’t as close to the cones as I’d like and I didn’t do the best job of using the whole course.  Learning points!

No data acquisition video this time.  While we did some post-Nationals work we somehow unplugged the main camera so we didn’t get any video from that vantage point.  On the plus side this was a first test for my new external microphone setup with our ReplayXD PrimeX camera and I’m very pleased!  Previously the microphone didn’t get us the best audio being exposed in the wind, but this allows us to put a mic inside the car where we just get the engine noise.  Very pleased!

Not too many more events this year, but we’ve got a few things planned for the winter so stay tuned.

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