Daytona Coupes at Goodwood Revival

I haven’t done too many posts on our Daytona Coupe recently, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten.  News like this is just what’s needed to get motivation going again on a project!  Recently at the Goodwood Revival, all 6 original Daytona Coupes were in one place for the first time since the ’60s.  Two of my favorite sites, Petrolicious and Speedhunters both did an article on the cars and it’s interesting to see the differences in coverage.


Petrolicious is a site that favors the classics.  Watch one of their videos sometime and you’ll see stunning photography, stories of people passionate about their cars, and a general love for the automobile.  Petrolicious’ article on the Coupes at Goodwood focuses on the “barn find” of the Coupes, showcasing it’s patina.  Personally, this is the story that I’m drawn to more than the mega-buck restorations that try to make it look like it rolled off the showroom floor.  As a racer myself, I like seeing the motorsport icons as they were used and abused with all their battle scars intact and the “barn find” car can’t be beat for this.

Speedhunters - Shelby_Daytona_Cobra_Coupe-011 Speedhunter’s take is a little different, filled with pictures of the gleaming paint jobs and garage queen cars.  They do mention the barn find car, but it takes second stage to the perfect restorations.  Don’t get me wrong, these are beautiful cars, but I just love the worn and used one more than the show queens.


Goodwood has another excellent article on these cars up on their site.  Told through an interview with the Chief Designer, Pete Brock, it’s another article that shouldn’t be missed!

Any way you take it, this was an incredible event and we’re fortunate to have so many people taking a unique look at it.

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