Texas A&M Spring Autocross 4 – 1st and 3rd in PAX!

Following up on our success at the College Station Tour, we took the Camaro out for some more seat time at a local Texas A&M Sports Car Club event. The course was a blast, put together by Ricky Crow of SASCA. It followed the Tour course basic shape, but added some additional technical elements which were both fun and challenging.

The car performed really well with no adjustments needed other than watching tire pressures. The gear change we made after the Tour worked out really well, putting the motor up in the powerband a lot more which made the car a lot more responsive.

Todd took the win over me by 0.6 seconds. I was followed by Wayne Atkins, Chris Cargill, and Tony Espinosa who all made the trip to get some seat time on concrete!

My best run. Felt really good, but didn’t go as aggressive as I could have since I’d coned and DNF’d 2 prior runs.

Todd’s 3rd and 4th runs. You can really see Todd getting his elbows up which we all give him hell for!

After our runs were done, we started swapping rides. Wayne took a run in our Camaro and had a blast. Unfortunately I forgot to turn on the camera for that! After that, Todd and I took runs in Tony’s cars. Our runs are mixed together in the video above. Sorry about the brake lockup Tony!


An unfortunate casualty of the weekend was our front splitter. The bumps at the Annex were taken at high speed and in corners which finally took out one corner of the splitter. A chunk of concrete left behind by another car took care of the middle… We’re looking into alternate materials, but for the time being will be cutting a replacement for Spring Nationals. Hopefully it lasts through that weekend!

We have a little work to finish up before Spring Nationals. Stay tuned for more information in a few weeks!

3 thoughts on “Texas A&M Spring Autocross 4 – 1st and 3rd in PAX!

  1. Jeff – great blog! This is our second year campaigning our 4th gen and the video and tech tips are super helpful!

    Mel & Matt with Equipe Rapide

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