Airplane Movie Review – Need For Speed vs. 32 Hours and 7 Minutes

When you’re locked up in an airplane for close to 24 hours and can’t sleep, you tend to watch just about anything that looks even remotely interesting. Let’s face it, you’re never going to get those hours of your life back, so sometimes you decide to indulge in that movie which looks absolutely terrible, but you kinda wanted to see anyways.

For me, that movie was Need for Speed. Before you ask, yes, it’s every bit as terrible as you’d think it would be. Between horrible acting, silly story, unrealistic driving, and some of the cheapest imitation cars I’ve seen it was just terrible. Avoid at all costs, even sitting on an airplane!

At the opposite end of the spectrum though is 32 Hours and 7 Minutes, a film that I’ve been waiting for years to see, every since reading Alex Roy’s book “The Driver”. I won’t get into the social commentary on the legal aspects of what he did nor would I say that I condone any of the actions, but it’s something thrilling to read.

The movie itself was delayed for years and about 8 months ago was released on Vimeo’s Video on Demand service. I’d completely forgotten about the movie until shortly before my trip when I ran across a mention of the movie. A quick search turned up the Vimeo link!

It’s a documentary and for people who’ve read the book, there are no surprises here. The film gives a great history of not only the Cannonball Run, but also the US Express including tons of video footage from the races. It’s amazing to see the lengths these guys (and gals) went to in order to try and break the record! Anyways, highly recommend renting the video and giving it a watch. It, unlike Need for Speed, is worth it!

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