2 weeks to go…

Nationals is quickly approaching! With just 2 weeks until we leave for Nationals we have tons to do and little time left. Last weekend was our final chance to get the car setup right before we packed up and headed out!


We spent all of Saturday doing punchlist items on the car and diagnosing a missing and starting problem. Eventually we traced it down to a bad distributor, but not before losing most of the day. Sunday we got off to a good start and were able to get up and running quickly. We got the brakes adjusted just right, like Todd figured out above… Click through for more info and video!


And the handling pretty well dialed in. We were hitting consistently higher lateral G figures than we’ve ever hit before so that made us extremely happy. Car wasn’t perfect at the end of the day, but it was pretty damn good.

The setup course was effectively the same as the one we ran a few weeks ago. It is a good mix of corners and lets us dial in the car the way we like it. Sorry about the camera spinning about, didn’t realize it was loose until after the event!

After the setup course we took a few runs on the big course to see how it all worked together. The course wasn’t the most inventive, but it did let us air out the engine a bit!

In the meantime, the usual article in Sports Car came out. Mike Maier was the pick to win, but Todd, Kurt Janish, and myself are all picked as potential spoilers. We will be doing our best to prove Sports Car wrong! I think a few other people might be fighting to take the top spot too. Robert Lewis has put in a lot of work on his 1965 Mustang and it will be interesting to see how it does! Spy shot (stolen from Robert’s Facebook page) below!



Not much more to share until Nationals. Here’s the entry list if you are so inclined!

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