Houston Regional #8

1st real event with the new setup this year happened today at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown. It was a bit of a challenging course with a really tight first section. We battled 2 issues today – a stumbling carburetor and not enough steering angle for the tight stuff. The carb is an easy fix, the steering angle not so much…

Todd put down a blistering 53.4 on his 3rd run, but had a bit of an issue with the video recording so this is his barely slower 53.6 4th run.

I had a bit of an issue with the heat and didn’t take my 4th run after slowing down on my 3rd run due to not eating enough food and drinking enough water! This is my best run, a 54.3.

Final results hadn’t been posted for X class yet, but I will update tomorrow with our PAX finishes. 1 more event, a practice, then it is onto Nationals!

UPDATE: Todd finished 2nd in PAX and I ended up in 6th! Not too bad for a car that is still a work in progress….

Big thanks to Clint Williams for taking some great shots out at the event! His page has lots from the event, but I stole the ones of us and posted here. Some fantastic work!

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