If you’ve been keeping up this year, you know that we’ve had a number of setbacks in work on the Camaro. Well now, fingers crossed, most of those are behind us. Had an extremely successful test day out at Texas A&M’s Riverside Campus with the TAMSCC yesterday. More testing follows today, but wanted to share some video with you all since we are absolutely pumped about how the car is performing!


The car was pretty much hooked up! Some videos from testing follow. No editing of these, so sorry for the length and bit of erratic cuts.

A couple of shock tweaks and the car was really working. We were taking it easy in the crossover sections to keep the RPM down. Full-speed through the crossover had the car kissing the revlimiter at 8,000RPM! This was also our first time out with our new video overlay. I’m pretty happy with it, what do you think?

After getting the car where we wanted it, we assisted the TAMSCC guys with tweaking their course for Day 2 practice. The end result isn’t too bad.

More to follow after today!

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