Overdue Updates

Seems like we’ve been radio silent for a longtime. Between a house move, broken race car and work it’s been a bit of a slow slog getting the car back together, but it is slowly coming along! Most of this progress was made over a month ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it.


First up was assembling all of the control arm bits together. I won’t bore you with the step by step process, but this is the almost complete arm pre-heat treating.


Mockup is essential to getting the right fitment. Here we are checking clearance on the newly bent swaybar arms.


While the arms were sent out for heat treating we tackled a few other little to-dos, like bracing the brake pedal mount to help keep it from flexing.

About a week later the arms were back and everything got put back together. We threw the car on the scales, not knowing quite what to expect after all the work we had done.


To recap… we replaced the front suspension, swaybar, removed a bar from the cage, changed to 180 degree headers, removed the passenger seat (will later be installed), changed the steering to rack and pinion, replaced the pedal cluster, and reworked the dash. One of the goals was to lighten the nose of the car to improve the weight balance (was 53/47 F/R). Did we make a difference? Huge! With the nose off the car was nearly 225lbs lighter. Conservatively saying the nose weighs 75lbs that’s 150lbs off the car! Most of the weight was probably in the exhaust system (previously dual 3 chamber flowmasters with heavy H-pipe), but the old steering box was close to 40lbs alone. Needless to say we’re quite pleased with that result!

Not much else to share right now. 4th of July weekend will be 2 days of testing and wrenching. Look for more updates then, success or failure!

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