And it’s on the ground! Of course clearly the Camaro wasn’t quite ready to race this weekend like we’d planned, but huge leaps of progress nonetheless.


Our big push started two weekends ago. Mocking up parts, finalizing mounting, etc. The Speedway Engineering swaybar is mounted here.


The engine was in the car to finish mocking up the exhaust. The Schoenfeld 180 degree headers dump into two long radius elbows which carry the muffler out to the door. We wanted to do everything possible to keep the passenger seat and I think we succeeded!


The muffler sits right outside the rollcage and is held in place by some strapping. This let us run heat shielding on the other side of the roll cage and also made the muffler easy to get to once the door is removed. It’s repackable AND we’ve got enough room upstream to install augers if the noise is too high.


The cockpit is finally coming together nicely. First was finishing installation of the steering wheel mount, pedal cluster, and bracing the whole bit up.


Dash mockup prior to bending the aluminum.


A little bit of my Project Management tendencies coming through here… We’re on Plan B now, if not Plan C… That roughly concluded the first weekend of work. We disassembled everything and shipped the subframe out to get sandblasted and primered.


One we got it back we slipped the subframe back under the car and got to work finishing up the steering.


These rack centerlink end plates were laser cut for me from the guys over at G&H Diversified! Big thanks for the support!


We next ran tubes from the main roll hoop out to the shock hoops to brace everything up. After that everything got hit with a coat of grey paint.


Skipping ahead here, but we then got started on “final” assembly! The steering arms are not at the right height yet though since we didn’t have the right spacers and bolts to get the job done. Got to leave something for next weekend right?


And it’s on the ground! Showing off a little bit of Ackerman here (an expensive lesson, but it appears to work!)


The swaybar just barely touches the tire at full lock. We’ll be able to fix this with some small spacers and still have a decent turning radius.


Last order of business was to bend the swaybar arms.


And then cut them to length.

There’s still quite a bit of work to go, but progress is good. We’ve cancelled our entries to the Dixie Tour unfortunately since we won’t be able to get enough testing time in, but we are still on track to do our first National Tour at home in College Station! It’s going to be a short month getting to that point!

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