Mustang Corbeau Classic Bucket Install

I actually completed this a long time ago, but haven’t had time to post until now. After a few drives in the Mustang with the Corbeau FX-1 Pros I decided it was time for a change. Don’t get me wrong, the seats had great support and the cushion was fairly comfortable, but let’s face it – the ’67 is not a race car. The shoulder bolsters simply pushed you into an uncomfortable position for day to day driving.

So where does that leave us? I still had a headroom problem which needed resolution. The FX-1s were thinner and my head wasn’t in the headliner IF I took out the seat cushion. Problem with leaving the cushion in was that the seat back was barely reclined at all, so you were sitting bolt upright. Needless to say, this doesn’t work so well with headroom.

Since I already was invested in the Corbeau system with their seat tracks, I dug through their website and found another fixed back seat, with less aggressive bolsters, the Classic Bucket. It looked like the ticket, though I was concerned about the recline yet again. After talking to Corbeau on the phone I decided to pull the trigger and put in an order with SPS Solotime for a pair. After a backorder period, the seats arrived!

I was excited to say the least! I hadn’t banked on the lower seat back height (something I should have measured), but it seemed like something I could live with. I got the seats installed and surprise surprise I still had headroom problems!

With the cushion in place the headroom was exactly the same as before! Problem being is that Corbeau’s seat cushion is seriously thick, see the measurements with and without it. Since the seat cushion has velcro and comes out easily, I took one over to a local upholstery shop to see if they could duplicate it, only thinner. I found Coleman’s Upholstery in Houston who quoted me $170 to make 2 new cushions. While more than I wanted to spend, looking around their shop I saw some good work.

The thickness difference is huge, but the end result is actually pretty comfortable. I haven’t put in a long drive on them yet, but I’m optimistic. Also they did a great job on copying the Corbeau style which has removable foam, Coleman made these the same way so I can tweak them later if need be! Well worth the money and highly recommended!

So, at the end of the day, would I recommend these seats for a classic Mustang? Probably not, though for my purposes I think they’ll work (for now). The seat back is simply too short for a tall person to be comfortable, but with a thin cushion they do solve the headroom problem.

Onto Camaro work this weekend!

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