SEMA 2012 – My Favorites

While I didn’t attend SEMA this year, I do keep tabs on what the various websites are picking up as their favorites. All the pictures and descriptions below are snagged from various sites which I’ve linked to at the bottom.

My favorite of the show has to be the Mach 40 Mustang. It’s a ’69 Fastback that’s been seriously worked over and now is mid-engine with an engine from a Ford GT! There’s been a fair bit of coverage on this car, check out Inside Line and Hot Rod Magazine for more!

This ’51 Ford, spotted at Speedhunters is another favorite with a WWII theme. I’ve wanted to build something similar with a bit of a rat-rod slant out of a ’67 Mustang with a Jaguar V-12… After all, WWII P-51 Mustangs came with British V-12s so wouldn’t that be a fitting homage? I love the interior with the plane seats and gauges, exactly how I was planning mine! Perhaps one of these days…

The T-5R Martini Mustang is another one that I had a list. Which nothing extraordinary from the outside (the livery is pretty sweet though!) it’s the Indy V8 under the hood that is really special. There’s a nice feature on it over at Speedhunters.

This 1966 Ford Bronco, done by Galpin Autosports was another favorite. More pictures are over at Inside Line.

There were others that I liked as well, but these stood out for me!

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