CP – Through Different Lenses…

One thing that is a little challenging keeping a blog like this is getting photos of your own car or yourself driving.  By the nature of competition, it’s natural to focus on the driving and competing rather than on stepping back and taking pretty pictures.  Luckily, at an event like Nationals there are lots of people around who are doing just that.

Shots like this are impossible to capture by yourself. I’m very fortunate that Sherman Chang was able to capture some great pictures of us! More follow.

The wait at the start line can be hard…

Every driver has a pre-race routine. Repetition in the few minutes (or seconds) before your run really can help calm nerves.

This is Brian Hobaugh’s mega-buck Camaro. It is really nicely done. It’s a bit humbling to have been beat by a street legal car!

Sherman did an awesome job capturing the car in motion.

Between runs I tried to analyze the data. Didn’t really work out as well as it had in the past, but it was helpful for the first run or two.

Sherman wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Jerry Centanni also managed to grab a few.

Jerry did motion blur really well. A technique I need to learn!

There were a few professional photographers who took pictures. Perry Bennett caught some pretty good ones on all days, as did the guys at GotCone.com.

With the advent of cheaper and cheaper cameras, it seems like everyone has been posting video from their runs.

Had to share this. Some very smooth driving from Brian Hobaugh.

Vivek Goel’s best run on the East Course in his BS NSX.

Erik Strelniek’s crazy SSM RX7 on the East Course.

Darrell Padberg’s CP car on the East Course.

There are lots more out there. It’s neat to see the different cars and also the different data acquisition systems that people run. Chase Cam is one of the bigger names, similar to the Video4 that we run, but the SoloStorm by Petrel Data Systems for Android phones is showing the potential of some “low tech” solutions. Heck, the video quality on that is better than we get out of our $1500 system…

A preview of things to come, but getting your ass kicked at Nationals tends to get you motivated!

With some new ideas and a slightly different approach, the Camaro suspension re-do is back on!

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