SCCA Nationals! Classes to Watch

We’re here! Nothing much to report yet, though there was some awesome Pro Solo action on Saturday and Sunday which we mostly missed out on. Todd and I are racing Thursday/Friday, so the next few days are “off”, but I’m going to make an effort to report on a few of the other classes that are going on.

A full entry list is available at Motorsports Reg. Click through for more!

Tuesday/Wednesday are going to see a big battle in ESP. With 32 entries this class has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. Mark Madarash is going to have a challenge from some AWD cars, one of which beat him in the Pro Solo this past weekend. It’ll also have Terry Fair’s Vorshalg 2012 Mustang, Tye Jackson’s Jackson Bar-be-cue Chevy Camaro, and David Ogburn’s Chevy Camaro (former National Championship winning car with Sam Strano) it’ll be a good field to watch for Texas! Tye graciously offered my Dad, Ken Stroh, a ride in his Camaro, so that’ll be another point of interest at least for me!

Also on Tuesday/Wednesday, Houston regulars Daniel McCelvey and his dad Pat McCelvey will be driving in CS as well as Eric Jones and Sherman Chang out of Austin since Sherman had a wiring snafu on his DP Miata on Friday… Team Goot, the bromance of Don Gutierrez and Andy Nielsen out of Houston will be competing in DS.

Thursday/Friday are going to be busy days! With FP, DP, CP, SSM, FS, BSP, and more running there’s a ton of friends who’ll be racing.

We start the day off in FS, with Casey Weiss looking to topple Mark Daddio and Kevin Youngers. He’s fighting fire (412 HP 2012 Mustangs) with a stone (320 HP 2007 Shelby GT), but might be able to make a little Soupdaddy magic happen!

SSM is always an epic battle. This year it’ll be Eric Strelnieks again racing in his RX7. Troy “I had the raw time” Acosta will be tire warming for him.

Second heat is the big battle in CP. With 44 entries this year, it’s going to be a big battle, with a rematch of Todd Farris, Jeff Stroh, Mike Maier, Frank Stagnero, Kurt Janish, and Robert Lewis from Spring Nationals. There are too many former National Champions to list, but you can see them all here!

On the opposite course, Jim Kritzler and Alan Bartling are going to see if they can fend off the BMW’s and S2000s in Kritzler’s awesome BSP Corvette.

Third heat will see DP. Drew VanderpPloeg is last year’s National Champion in Steve Hudson’s Miata. He’s got some stiff competition, including the underpowered, but “pretty” Hurst Street Zombie Company Toyota MR2 of Houston’s Zack Barnes and Aaron Kelly.

At the same time will be FP which has Spokes’ Tom Holt and Rick Martinez competing in their respective Datsun Z cars against Jerry Centani and Beth McClure-Sterlnieks in the very fast Jungle Cat Racing Porsche Boxster (if the axle shafts don’t break that is!). Also Mark Berry’s Mitsubishi Evo will be one to watch.

On the opposite course will be BS, which will see Vivek Goel’s NSX do battle with a field of S2000s, including Ricky Crow of SASCA.

Fourth heat will see XP with a wide variety of competitors. Vitek Boruvka and Dan Pedroza will be competing in the AXWare Systems / Eagle Transmission LS3 powered Miata, a build previously featured. Also competing will be Houston rookie Thomas Thompson in his RX7 and Spokes duo Rich Windberg and Nick Gruendler in a turbocharged Miata.

Fifth heat will see Donna Bartling take a turn in our Camaro in CPL. She’ll be looking to pick up another National Championship.

I’ve missed quite a few people, but these are the battles I’ll be watching and hopefully catch some pictures of. As with the other events, the live coverage available at is not to be missed!

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