TAMSCC Nationals Practice

Last stop before Nationals… TAMSCC always holds a practice right before Nationals for the Texas folks to get in unlimited runs on some pretty great concrete! This year was no different and this was our last stop before packing up for Lincoln.

The car worked great, though we were running on older tires just to get a few runs in. Donna Bartling will be driving our car in CP Ladies since her and Alan’s Mustang is down at the moment. She took the opportunity to get acquainted with the car and did pretty well! Quite a few of the Spokes RT/RT guys were out as well getting a last few runs in. Here’s another view on the event from Vivek – NSXFTW

I recorded my runs, but we didn’t really try with Todd or Donna. Fun little course, but had some big bumps in critical sections which made it a little interesting! The tires were pretty old, so straight line grip was a little lacking…

We’ll be on the road next Saturday and headed to Lincoln!

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