Daytona Coupe – Almost on the Ground!

My Dad’s been making some progress back home on his Daytona Coupe project. He sent me an e-mail the other day with the below photos attached that I had to share!

See attached. Everything clears, front lock is only limited when the tire contacts the upper control arm (at least at ride height – need to check full bump and full droop). Looks mean. Also a pic of the engine with some of the accessories mounted – had to go to the belt drive distributor to clear the ITBs, which also allowed me to remove the spacers and restore the injector path to the back of the intake valve instead of being aimed at the spacer wall. Didn’t want to go to coil on plug like the other guy running this intake on a short deck block did….

It’s not on the ground yet, but getting closer.

Those tires are 335/35-17 rears and 315/35-17 fronts by the way. Big tire for what is a relatively small car!

Going to look good…

Tight fit, but looks like research paid off here.

The engine isn’t assembled here (no rotating assembly), just mocking things up to make sure they all fit right. Eventually it’ll be bolted into place with the engine plates in order to make sure there are no clearance issues in the car with the dry sump system. Can’t wait to see more progress on this machine!

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