Mustang Axle Housing Progress

Well, the situation isn’t quite as dire as I thought with the housing. First thing today was to check out whether or not the caliper brackets really were destroyed or not. Luckily, the one that was completely drilled out actually did bolt up just fine. I didn’t get around to drilling out the second set because I didn’t happen to have the right drill bit handy… This was lucky, because let’s face it – I don’t have the tools to pull the bearings in order to replace or redrill the plates on a drill press (just in case you were wondering, have a look at the Autozone Repair Guide – RearAxleBearings Page 4).

The housing was looking a little sorry after years of recoating, dents, and scratches…

With an 80grit sanding disc in my angle grinder it made quick work of the paint. There was still some left to remove which a right angle grinder with some 3M sanding discs finished off.

This was a heck of a dirty job…

Ended up laying down 2 coats of primer to get good coverage. Ended up looking pretty good I think.

While I was waiting between coats I had to laugh at the 1970s quality construction. These welds are pretty awful.

I have no idea why it is welded in the middle of the housing, but it’s shockingly bad…

Yeah… So kids, when your parents complain about how bad cars were in their time, now you know what they were talking about! I completely spaced taking any shots of the axle after it was fully painted. I’ll grab some of those later this week.

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