Console Progress

Been slowly working on the console when I have some free time.  I’ve semi-solved the edging issue by using some Self-Gripping Vinyl Edging from McMaster-Carr (part #24175K31 if you were interested).  It conformed pretty nicely to the edge and covered up the sections that I couldn’t get the leather to make the corners.


Sorry about the poor photo quality, but I was too lazy to grab a good camera.  The aluminum insert is a first pass effort, the shape is right, and it clears the shifter but it got a bunch of scratches in it during the cutting process.  I’m considering getting a piece laser cut that I’ll come back an bend once I figure out whether this will work out or not.  You can see some places where I didn’t get the leather down far enough…  still debating on whether I want to try to re-wrap it or not (have plenty of material luckily).

I still need to wire the console for some switches, figure out a shifter boot, decide what to do about edging around the console opening, felt/cover the inside of the box, cover the console door, install the alarm and other boxes in the front, and finally work up a fuse-box mount on the driver’s side.  A ways to go, but a little progress is better than nothing!  With all the time invested, I can see why the Shelby reproduction consoles run >$600!

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